What Drives Us?

What Drives Us?

We founded our company with the vision to make the automation of work orders/service orders simple enough, inexpensive enough, and attractive enough to help the small entrepreneurial contracting/service organization streamline the paperwork flow from the field to the accounting office.

We made a decision to solve a common problem that every service-based business has – how to efficiently, accurately, and effectively capture the activities of a service call.

We created a simple, easy to use, tablet-based service ticket system that can capture relevant labor and material data as the work is being done.   By collecting this data during the service call, the accuracy will be higher than trying to remember what was done at the end of each workday or work week.   It also reduces the end of week paperwork that consumes the life of so many service professionals.

We have resisted the lure of creating a ubiquitous, all-inclusive app that automated dispatch, data collection, invoicing, with automated links into an accounting or ERP system.  They are, in our opinion, too complex for the small business to embrace functionally, and seldom, if ever, get fully implemented.

If you purchase ServAssist today, you will be able to use it immediately to make your business operations streamlined and efficient.